Top 100 Arab
Family Businesses

87. Al Jammaz Group

Country: Saudi Arabia
Sector: Food and Beverage
Establishment: 1975
Chairman: Ibrahim Abdulaziz AlJammaz

The Al Jammaz Group was established in Riyadh and operates in the agriculture and food sectors. The group comprises over 17 businesses operating over more than 650 branches and outlets across the Middle East. It employs over 4,000 people. The group owns 57.1% of Alamar Foods, which was valued at $462 million as of August 2022. Alamar owns the Domino’s master franchise in 16 countries across MENA and Pakistan, and the Dunkin’ franchise in Egypt and Morocco. Alamar Foods was listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange on the August 9, 2022. The Al Jammaz Group also owns the Olaya Dates Factory, which processes dates from Al Jammaz Farms. It distributes irrigation systems, fertilizers seeds, and other agriculture-related products.