Top 100 Arab
Family Businesses

89. Memaar Al Morshedy

Country: Egypt
Sector: Real Estate
Establishment: 1983
Chairman: Mohamed Morshedy

Memaar Al Morshedy was established in 1983 by Mohamed Morshedy. Currently led by CEO Hassan Morshedy, Memaar Al Morshedy has developed more than 1,100 buildings, 156 complexes and 26 malls among others. One of their largest projects, Zahra, is located on Egypt’s North Coast and stretches over an area of approximately 890 acres with a built-up area of around 17%. Another key project, Skyline, is planned to be the largest residential building in the world, covering 200,000 square meters. Memaar Al Morshedy has assets worth about $6 billion in Egypt and have sales of over $300 million in 2021. The group recently launched the Al Hayah University that is expecting 5,000 students in 2022. Apart from Egypt the group also has assets worth $150 million in Greece