Holmarcom Group
Top 100 Arab Family Businesses in the Middle East

Rank: 89

Holmarcom Group

Country: Morocco

Sector: Diversified

Establishment: 1978

Chairperson: Mohamed Hassan Bensalah

The Holmarcom Group was founded in 1978 by Abdelkader Bensalah. Its business divisions include finance, real estate, agro-industry, logistics, and distribution. The group has two companies listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange: Les Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès and Atlanta Assurance. Headquartered in Casablanca, Holmarcom has a presence in Senegal, the Ivory Coast, and Benin. Mohamed Hassan Bensalah was honored as a Knight of the Order of the Throne of Morocco (Wissam Al Arch) by King Mohammed VI in 2004. He is also the president of the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies.