Nuqul Group
Top 100 Arab Family Businesses in the Middle East

Rank: 64

Nuqul Group

Country: Jordan

Sector: Diversified

Establishment: 1952

Chairperson: Ghassan Nuqul

Elia Nuqul founded the Nuqul Group under the name Nuqul Brothers Company. At that time, the company traded and imported food and consumer goods. Today, the group employs more than 5,000 people and operates through its two subsidiaries: Promise Holding, the group’s investment arm that has activities in the automotive, banking, insurance, and real estate sectors; and Fine Hygienic Holdings (FHH), which manufactures, markets, and distributes hygienic paper products to 80 countries. Last year, FHH created a $2 million relief fund to help communities combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nuqul family is planning a public issuance of FHH on the London Stock Exchange this year.