Sayegh Group
Top 100 Arab Family Businesses in the Middle East

Rank: 71

Sayegh Group

Country: Jordan

Sector: Diversified

Establishment: 1932

Chairperson: Michael Sayegh

The late entrepreneur Fa’eq Ibrahim Sayegh founded the Al Taqadum company in Yaffa, Palestine. The company assembled bus chassis and later became the Sayegh Group. Today, the group has 35 companies operating under its umbrella in the Arab world, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia. Its largest activity is in the production, distribution, and export of paints. It owns 18 paint factories worldwide. The group also has multiple investments in the chemical and engineering industries, as well as the banking, media, and broadcasting sectors. It owns stakes in Jordan Commercial Bank, Roya TV, and the Canning Industries Company.