71. Sultan Batterjee

Designation: CEO
Company: IHCC and lifestyle Developers
Country: Saudi Arabia
Nationality: Saudi
Sector: Real Estate & Construction

Batterjee has 19 years of experience and oversees 4,000 people. IHCC is a turnkey design and build solutions provider in MENA, which specializes in healthcare, education, and mixed-use projects. Over the past year, IHCC delivered a 400,000 sqm built-up area, completed the retrofitting of 1,800 schools across Saudi Arabia, and assigned EV charging installers for more than 600 EV charging stations across the kingdom. Batterjee is also the chairman of Sultan Batterjee Holding and a board member of the Bait Al Batterjee Group, the Saudi German Hospitals Group, Batterjee Medical Colleges, and the Batterjee Foundation.