Jabal Omar Development Company
Top 100 Companies in the Middle East 2021

SR.No: 87

Jabal Omar Development Company

Sector: Real Estate & Construction

Date of Establishment: 2007
Country: Saudi Arabia
CEO: Khalid Al-Amoudi

Sales: $47 million

Profits: $-357 million

Assets: $6.9 billion

Market Value: $7.3 billion

The Jabal Omar Development Company is the most valuable listed real estate company in Saudi Arabia, with a $7.3 billion market cap. The company’s flagship project is Jabal Omar, a multi-use real estate mega-development project covering more than two square kilometers within walking distance of the Grand Mosque in Makkah. In December 2020, the company sold 2,572 square meters of the project to the AIMS Investment Company for $221.3 million.