Telecom Egypt
Top 100 Companies in the Middle East 2021

SR.No: 64

Telecom Egypt

Sector: Telecommunications

Date of Establishment: 1854
Country: Egypt
CEO and Managing Director: Adel Hamed

Sales: $2 billion

Profits: $310 million

Assets: $5.4 billion

Market Value: $1.2 billion

Telecom Egypt owns 45% of Vodafone Egypt. In 2020, the company reported a 23.7% increase in revenues. It also invested $764.1 million into improving the quality of internet services in Egypt, bringing the value of the company’s infrastructure investments over the past five years to $2.9 billion. In March 2021, the company announced plans to launch the Hybrid African Ring Path by 2023, which is a new subsea system that will outline the African continent, connecting coastal and landlocked African countries to Europe.