The Middle East's

Top 100 Listed
Companies 2022

Arab Potash Company (APC) *

93. Arab Potash Company (APC)

Country: Jordan

Sector: Industrials

President and CEO: Maen F. Nsour

Market Value: $4.3 billion

Sales: $913 million

Profits: $305 million

Assets: $1.9 billion

APC is the eighth largest potash producer by volume of production globally and the only producer of potash in the Arab world. It sold 2.63 million tons of potash in 2021. It operates under a grant for exclusive rights by the government of Jordan to extract, manufacture, and market minerals from the Dead Sea until 2058. It employs 2,014 people. The company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries are KEMAPCO and Numeira. APC also has partial ownership in Jordan Bromine, Jordan Industrial Ports, and Nippon Jordan Fertilizer. Among APC’s main shareholders are Man Jia Industrial Development, the Government Investment Management Company Jordan, the Arab Mining Company, the Social Security Corporation of Jordan, and the government of Iraq.