80. Arab Potash Company (APC)

Country: Jordan
Sector: Industrials
President and CEO: Maen F. Nsour
Market Value: $3.8 billion
Sales: $1.8 billion
Profits: $847 million
Assets: $2.9 billion

APC is one of the largest potash producers worldwide and the only producer of potash in the Arab world. In 2022, the company produced 2.684 million tons of potash, and its net profit increased by 177% to $847 million, the highest net profit in APC’s history. The company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries include KEMAPCO and Numeira. APC also holds stakes in Jordan Bromine, Jordan Industrial Ports, and Nippon Jordan Fertilizer. Man Jia Industrial Development is the major shareholder, with a 28% stake.