85. Barwa Real Estate Group

Country: Qatar
Sector: Real Estate & Construction
Group CEO: Abdulla Jobara Alromaihi
Market Value: $2.7 billion
Sales: $710 million
Profits: $316 million
Assets: $11 billion

Barwa obtained its commercial license in November 2005. Qatari Diar Real Estate Company, owned by Qatar Investment Authority, is the biggest shareholder of Barwa, with a 45% stake. In 2022, Barwa sold its 24.4% stake in the Al Imtiaz Investment Group for $103 million. The company owns a 20% stake in the QSE’s recently listed Damaan Islamic Insurance Company, “BEEMA.” In 2022, Barwa’s land bank hit 5.5 million square meters, with 5.4 million square meters in Qatar, where 80% of it is owned. Its portfolio includes 14,069 residential units and villas and more than 448,000 square meters for warehouses and workshops.