28. Attijariwafa bank group

Country: Morocco
Sector: Banks & Financial Services
Chairman and CEO: Mohamed El Kettani
Market Value: $10.7 billion
Sales: $4 billion
Profits: $896 million
Assets: $65.1 billion

Attijariwafa bank group is the largest bank in Morocco and one of the largest in Africa. As of December 2023, it had more than 12 million customers and employed 20,782 people across 27 countries. In 2023, the bank’s loan market share in Morocco increased to 26.97%, and its deposit market share reached 25.21%. In January 2024, Attijariwafa bank Europe signed a $109.4 million risk-sharing agreement with the African Development Bank. Morocco-based Al Mada is the bank’s major shareholder, with a 46.5% stake.