95. Adwa AlDakheel

Company: Falak Investment Hub
Title: Founder & CEO
Nationality: Saudi
Sector: Entrepreneurship

AlDakheel founded the Falak Investment Hub in 2018 which is a hybrid business incubator, accelerator, academy, and angel investment company with a portfolio of multi-industrial startups, including Hospitalia, Qreeb, and JoeyCo. In July 2022, the Falak Investment Hub signed an MoU with Zoho, a global technology company, for an initiative by the “Zoho for Startups” program. In November 2022, it partnered with Standard Chartered to launch the “SC Women in Tech” program in Saudi Arabia. AlDakheel has also founded and co-founded multiple startups, including Ns3a Recruitment, and she is a board member for the Saudi Squash Federation.