6. Mohammed Almaghlouth

Company: MATARAT Holding
Designation: CEO
Nationality: Saudi
Sector: Airports

Almaghlouth was appointed to his current role in March 2023. MATARAT Holding was founded in 2013. In March 2023, the group signed a three-year contract with Egis to serve 26 airports in Saudi Arabia and provide support for strategic planning. The group manages 27 airports across Saudi Arabia. Its subsidiaries include Riyadh Airports Company, Jeddah Airports Company, Dammam Airports Company, and Cluster2 OpCo. Almaghlouth has over 35 years of experience and 18 years in executive roles. Before MATARAT Holding, he was the CEO at Riyadh Airports Company and held several roles with Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia and the U.S.