1. Rashed Sharif

Designation: CEO
Company Name: SNB Capital
Headquarters: Saudi Arabia
Nationality: Saudi

Sharif has 25 years of industry experience and was appointed to his current role in 2021. SNB Capital provides Shariah-compliant financial and consultancy solutions to institutional and retail investors across asset management, wealth management, investment banking, and securities, among others. As of December 2023, it had $65.6 billion in assets under management, a 6.8% increase compared to 2022. SNB Capital was a joint lead manager of the debt issuance of Saudi’s Ministry of Finance, issuing $31.5 billion between Q1 2023 and Q1 2024. Sharif became chairman of the CMA Capital Market Institutions Committee and a member of the CMA Advisory Committee in 2023. He also serves as a board member and has been appointed to committees in several companies, including Saudi National Bank (SNB), Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Avilease and Tonomus (NEOM) and was previously the head of local holding investments in Saudi’s Public Investment Fund from 2017 to 2020.