11. Eazy Financial Services (EazyPay)

Date of Establishment: 2016
Headquarters: Bahrain
Description: Payment services provider
Founder: Nayef Tawfiq Al Alawi

EazyPay offers online payment services, payment gateways, and POS systems in Bahrain. In September 2022, it partnered with Binance to allow customers to pay at merchants’ stores in real-time in cryptocurrency by scanning a QR code generated by Eazy’s POS using their Binance app. The company also provides customers in Bahrain and the GCC with a digital banking app allowing them to obtain a virtual IBAN, wallet account, and Eazy’s Mastercard virtual and physical branded cards. With 1,200 merchants and more than 8,400 POS terminals across Bahrain, EazyPay processed transactions of $1.8 billion in 2022, up from $794 million in 2021.