Banque Centrale Populaire
Top 50 Banks in The Middle East

Rank: 20

Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP)

Date of Establishment: 1961
Country: Morocco
Chairman and CEO: Mohamed Karim Mounir

Sales: $2.9 billion

Profits: $144 million

Assets: $49.9 billion

Market Value: $6.6 billion


BCP is a group of 10 cooperative banks, each focusing on a region in Morocco. Through its subsidiaries the group operates in 24 countries. In March 2021, BCP announced the creation of the “Gender Bond”—the country’s first microfinance project geared towards women. In June 2020, Managing Director and Head of International Global Banking, Kamal Mokdad, was chosen as the president of the board of the Casablanca Stock Exchange.