Riyad Bank
Top 50 Banks in The Middle East

Rank: 6

Riyad Bank

Date of Establishment: 1957
Country: Saudi Arabia
CEO: Tareq A. Al Sadhan

Sales: $3.6 billion

Profits: $1.3 billion

Assets: $82.7 billion

Market Value: $21.1 billion

Riyad Bank has a network of 341 branches in Saudi Arabia, as well as a branch in the U.K, an agency in the U.S., and a representative office in Singapore. The bank employs 5,200 people. In April 2021, the bank bought a 53-floor office tower in Saudi’s King Abdullah Financial District that will serve as its new headquarters. In May 2021, Riyad Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with Bab al-Khair Medical Services, which aims to establish the kingdom’s first non-profit hospital.