Sohar International Bank
Top 50 Banks in The Middle East

Rank: 47

Sohar International Bank

Date of Establishment: 2007
Country: Oman
CEO: Ahmed Jafar Al Musalmi

Sales: $434 million

Profits: $60 million

Assets: $9.4 billion

Market Value: $582.3 million


Sohar International operates through a network of 30 branches, while its Islamic unit Sohar Islamic has eight branches. Sohar International Bank is 15.3% owned by the Oman Investment & Finance Company and 14.5% owned by the Royal Court of Affairs. Before he was appointed as CEO of Sohar International Bank, Ahmed Jafar Al Musalmi was the CEO of the National Bank of Oman. He is also the deputy chairman of ASYAD Group and chairman of its Board Audit Committee.