34. Edita Food Industries

Sector: Food and Beverages
Chairman and Managing Director: Hani Berzi
Market Value: $373 million
Sales: $248 million
Profits: $31 million
Assets: $187 million

Edita manufactures branded baked snack products. Its brands include Todo, Molto, Bake Rolz, Bake Stix, Freska, Oniro and MiMix. The company produced 127,100 tons of snack foods in 2022 with over 3.5 billion packs sold. In April 2022, Edita inaugurated its first overseas production facility in Morocco where it recorded $5.7 million in revenue and sold 84.3 million packs in its first full year of operations. The company derived 92.9% of its revenue from Egypt and 7.1% from regional export markets in 2022.