16. GB Corp

Sector: Automotive
CEO: Nader Ghabbour
Market Value: $215 million
Sales: $963 million
Profits: $341 million
Assets: $1.1 billion

In January 2023, GB Auto Group rebranded to GB Corp, which provides its services through two main entities: GB Auto, which operates the core automotive business, and GB Capital, which oversees the operations of the group’s non-bank financial service providers. With over 25 brands in its portfolio, the group sold 38,103 cars in Egypt and Iraq in 2022. In February 2023, the company’s subsidiary MNT-Halan announced an equity investment of $200 million from Chimera Abu Dhabi in exchange for over 20% of the company. It also sold a 45% stake in GB Lease to Chimera in 2022.