Alandalus Property Company
Top 50 Real Estate Developers in MENA 2021

Alandalus Property Company

Rank: 45

Country: Saudi Arabia

CEO: Hathal bin Saad Al-Otaibi

Date of establishment: 2006

Alandalus Property Company was initially established as a closed shareholding company with capital of $63.7 million. It was listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) in 2015. Today, it has capital of $248.8 million divided into 93.3 million ordinary shares. The company has around 10 projects spread across the Kingdom, with two being under construction in Jeddah. The company’s activity is mainly in hospitality and retail. With total assets of $545.3 million as of September 2021, it reported $14.8 million in revenues and $6.9 million in profits for Q3 2021.