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Arab Stars On The Global Stage 2018Arab Stars On The Global Stage 2018
Arab Stars On The Global Stage 2018

Entertainment has historically transcended boundaries, connecting people who share a common love for an art or song. Similarly, Arab celebrities have united the Arab diaspora that is spread across the globe today. Many homegrown Arab stars have made a mark internationally while there is a crop of second-generation and first-generation immigrant Arabs who have earned global recognition as entertainers.

Today Arab stars’ concerts are a full house while their films have opened to much acclaim. There have been many Hollywood productions starring Arab actors in key roles.

Keeping the popularity of these Arab artists and stars in mind, Forbes Middle East has compiled "Arab Celebrities on the Global Stage" list which includes Arab artists who have found success outside of the region and have got loyal followings among Americans and Europeans of Arab origin. The list classifies celebrities into five categories such as singers, actors, directors, fashion designers and footballers.


To rank celebrities in the list, Forbes Middle East team tracked the Arab celebrities’ activities since 2016. The list features celebrities from different backgrounds, so each category was treated as per its criteria.

  • Songs on Billboard’s international chart.
  • Major international awards.
  • Prestigious foreign venues where artist has performed.
  • Number of concerts abroad.
  • Current endorsements by multinationals and profiles in the international publications.
  • Duos with non-Arab artists.
  • Major movie awards, including the Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival and BAFTA.

Fashion Designers:
  • Number of eponymous stores.
  • Number of global retailers that carry their design.
  • Participation in major international fashion shows.
  • Membership in the French Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

  • Role in major foreign motion pictures or TV series.
  • Success of movies or TV series based on box office grosses and major awards.

  • Appearances with non-Arab clubs.
  • Awards received in non-Arab leagues.
  • The club’s strength.
  • Endorsements from international brands.

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