30 UNDER 30

8. Ely El Khoury; Rudy Wehbe

Age: 29; 27
Occupation: Cofounders of Digital SocioPath
Nationality: Lebanese; Lebanese
Residence: Lebanon; Lebanon
Category: Creative

El Khoury and Wehbe cofounded the creative agency Digital SocioPath in Lebanon in 2019 with a focus on digital services, including social media, augmented reality effects, and branding. They have worked with international brands, including McDonald’s, Elie Saab, Bioderma, and Expo 2020 Dubai, and celebrities, including Elissa, Nadine Njeim, and Najwa Karam. The company’s augmented reality filters help brands, public figures, celebrities, and influencers to engage with their customers and fans. El Khoury and Wehbe recently launched their second agency, MetaPath, which specializes in creating virtual worlds for their clients.