30 Women Behind Middle
Eastern Brands 2022


14. Marmar Halim

Brand: Marmar Halim

Category: Fashion

Establishment: 2012

Nationality: Egyptian

Headquarters: U.A.E

Halim is the founder and creative director of Dubai-based fashion house Marmar Halim, which creates evening and bridal gowns, ready-to-wear, and high-end kaftans. The brand has 13 branches across the world and two PR houses in Los Angeles and India. Its designs have been seen on celebrities such as Yuh-Jung Youn, Carole Samaha, Assala, and Deepika Padukone. In 2019, Marmar Halim opened its showroom in Dubai and launched its bridal collection in the Netherlands, Hong Kong & South Korea. Halim is currently planning to open four new stores in South Korea and Singapore, as well as launch a bridal shoe line. The brand had 209,000 followers on Instagram as of April 4, 2022.