26. Shgardi *

Total funding: $37.25 million
On-demand food delivery platform
Founder: Abdulaziz AlMousa
Nationality: Saudi
Investors: Prominent family offices, such as: AL Rajhi, Alswailem, Alhabib, other investors
Headquarters: Saudi Arabia
Date of establishment: 2020

Shgardi provides food delivery, grocery, and package services. It works with 650,000 couriers and more than 5,000 stores. As of November 2022, it had served over three million customers in 85 cities across Saudi Arabia. The startup processes over 1,500 transactions per month and has six offices in Saudi Arabia, and one office in Egypt that handles customer services and tech. Its store app allows stores to accept or reject orders and edit their menu, while its courier app provides instant cash out, live chat support, and map tracking to drivers.