Global Meets Local – Top 50 Executives Regional Executives Heading International Companies
Rank: #13

Caspar Herzberg

Sector: Capital Goods
Company: Schneider Electric
Designation: President, Middle East and Africa
Nationality: German
Headquarters: France
Local Headquarters: U.A.E.
Herzberg manages Schneider Electric’s operations across more than 80 countries and 15,000 employees. The Middle East and Africa region receives 31% of the Schneider Electric Foundation’s financial commitments, which is used for training and entrepreneurship, improving access to energy, and raising awareness about sustainable development. Herzberg is a thought leader on smart cities, digital transformation, and IoT and is a published author. He also sits on the board of trustees of the New Cities Foundation, an international non-profit organization that promotes smart cities. Schneider has large factories in Egypt, Saudi, and Turkey and production centers in Africa.