98. Amged Sebak

Designation: Managing Director & CEO
Company: Amer Group
Country: Egypt
Establishment Date: 2007

Sebak joined the Amer Group in 2012 and was appointed to his current position in August 2023. The Amer Group was established in 2007. Today, its subsidiaries operate in hospitality, construction, and real estate development. With a portfolio covering 6.3 million square meters, the group has delivered more than 60,000 units. It is also engaged in resorts, including Porto Marina and Porto Golf on the north coast and Porto Sokhna on the Red Sea. It owns and operates international restaurant franchises, including Carino’s and Alain le Notre, as well as the Egyptian restaurant Studio Masr. In the first nine months of 2023, the company recorded total assets of $220 million and $29.8 million in revenues. It had a market cap of $14.3 million as of November 15, 2023.