97. Karim Shafei

Designation : Cofounder and Chairman
Company: Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment
Country: Egypt
Establishment Date: 2008

Shafei co-founded Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment Company in 2008. It has 25 preserved properties, 125 yearly events, and 45 partnerships. It renovates buildings in Downtown Cairo into versatile spaces with architectural heritage and modern business needs. The company operates through residential spaces, office spaces, retail and entertainment, and hospitality projects. It has a diversified portfolio, including the La Viennoise, Kodak, and Tamara buildings. In 2021, the company invested $4.4 million into renovating the old French Consulate and launched its Consoleya project. Shafei is also an international partner for the Gherzi Textil Organization.