Founders: Mounir Nakhla, Ahmed Mohsen, Mohamed Aboulnaga
The Middle East’s 50 Most-Funded Startups
Rank: #10


Country: Egypt
Funding: $23.5 million
Investors: Battery Road Digital Holdings, Algebra Ventures, MNT Investing, UTT, Shaka Capital, MEVP, TEXILA
Founded In: 2017
Two and three-wheeler ride-hailing and ecommerce app

Halan operates its two and three-wheeler ride-hailing app in Egypt and Sudan, with plans to expand to Ethiopia. In 2020, it raised $14 million, bringing its total amount of funding to $23.5 million. In Egypt, the Halan app has also launched new verticals, including fast-food delivery, an e-payment solution for bills, an e-commerce platform, and peer-to-peer delivery. CEO Mounir Nakhla previously co-founded micro-financing firms Mashroey and Tasaheel. CCO Mohamed Aboulnaga is a former regional director at Careem, and CTO Ahmed Mohsen previously founded MusicQ and CircleTie. Uber’s founding CTO, Oscar Salazar, is a board member.