Top 100 Arab
Family Businesses

2. Mansour Group

Country: Egypt
Sector: Diversified
Establishment: 1952
Chairperson: Mohamed Mansour

The Mansour Group was founded by Loutfy Mansour. Today, its network covers 100 countries, and it employs over 60,000 people. With total revenues exceeding $7.5 billion, the group has operations in automotives, financial services, investment, and foodstuff, among other sectors. Its Mantrac Group is one of the world’s largest Caterpillar dealers, with operations in 12 countries. Through ManCapital, the group’s investment arm, the Mansour family owns shares in Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, Meta, Twitter, and others. The group is run by Mohamed Mansour. The three Mansour brothers, Yasseen, Mohamed, and Youssef, are among the Arab world’s richest people, with a combined net worth of $5.1 billion as of August 2022.