Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)
Top 100 Companies in the Middle East 2021

SR.No: 71

Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)

Sector: Industrials

Date of Establishment: 1968
Country: Bahrain
CEO: Ali Al Baqali

Sales: $2.8 billion

Profits: $25.9 million

Assets: $6.3 billion

Market Value: $2.2 billion

Alba is the Middle East’s largest producer of aluminum. Since 1990, Alba has invested more than $589 million in environmental conservation. These projects have focused on waste management and reducing the emissions of harmful gasses. To save energy, the company uses the steam from the cooling process of aluminum to generate additional power. CEO, Ali Al Baqali, has been with the company for two decades. He became CEO in February 2020.