Top 100 Companies in the Middle East 2021

SR.No: 68

Sahara International Petrochemical Co (Sipchem)

Sector: Petrochemicals

Date of Establishment: 1999
Country: Saudi Arabia
CEO: Abdullah Al-Saadoon

Sales: $1.4 billion

Profits: $15.2 million

Assets: $6.3 billion

Market Value: $5.3 billion

 Sipchem is a chemical manufacturer with a market presence in more than 40 countries. In 2020, it produced over four million metric tons of chemicals. It was included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index in 2019. Abdullah Al-Saadoon was appointed CEO of Sipchem in December 2020. The company donated more than $533,000 to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health as part of the COVID-19 pandemic relief effort.