49. Ayman Cheikh-Lahlou

Company: Cooper Pharma
Designation: CEO
Country: Morocco
Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Cheikh-Lahlou joined Cooper Pharma in 2000 and has served as CEO since 2003.
The company has nine distribution centers and ten manufacturing sites across Morocco, Rwanda, the Ivory Coast, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Saudi Arabia. It has manufacturing alliances with Merck, Pfizer, GSK, Abbott and Cipla among others. Cooper Pharma owns two pharma companies in Europe— one in Spain, and one in the Czech Republic. It has had a joint venture in manufacturing with Spimaco-Dammam Pharma in Saudi Arabia since 2013. Cheikh-Lahlou is also the vice president of the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceuticals Industry and Innovation (FMIIP).