85. Driss Chaoui

Designation: General Manager
Country: Morocco
Sector: Pharmaceuticals

AFRIC-PHAR was established in 1965. Chaoui joined the company in 2001. Today, it has 35 laboratories, more than 300 collaborators, and a production unit that produces over 12 million units per year with annual sales of nearly $40 million. The company has a research and development unit that ensures the development of generic drugs. The company has partnerships with several laboratories and leading companies in the pharmaceutical sector, including Allergan, Baxter, Aldo-Union, and Mylan, among others. Before AFRIC-PHAR, Chaoui served as an Anaesthesiologist in general hospitals and private clinics. Chaoui is also the general secretary of the Moroccan Generic Medicines Association (AMMG).