38. Hend El Sherbini

Company: Integrated Diagnostics Holdings (IDH)
Designation: Group CEO
Country: Egypt
Sector: Laboratories

El Sherbini has led Egypt’s largest lab company since 2012. IDH employed 5,000 people and had a network of 546 branch labs as of September 2022. Its brands include Al Borg Labs, Al Borg Scan, and Al Mokhtabar in Egypt, Biolab in Jordan, Ultralab and Al Mokhtabar in Sudan, and Echo-Lab in Nigeria. IDH generated $143 million in revenues in the first nine months of 2022 and had $254.4 million in assets. In August 2022, El Sherbini increased her holdings in the group with 7.3 million additional shares through Hena Holdings to reach 26.71%. El Sherbini is also a member of Egypt’s board of certification for the American Society of Clinical Pathology in Egypt.