32. Mohammed Al-Hammadi

Company: Al Hammadi Holding Company
Designation: Managing Director and CEO
Country: Saudi Arabia
Sector: Hospitals

Al-Hammadi assumed his current role in 1996. In August 2022, the company changed its name from Al Hammadi Company For Development and Investment to Al Hammadi Holding Company. It has four companies under its umbrella, including the Support Medical Services Company and the Pharmaceutical Services Company Ltd. It has eight branches, including the 428-bed Al Hammadi Hospital Al Suwaidi and the 600-bed Al Hammadi Hospital Al Nuzha. Al-Hammadi manages 202 outpatient clinics and 1,328 beds. The group made $253.8 million in revenues in 2021 and $208 million in the first nine months of 2022. It had assets worth $629.6 million as of September 2022.