The Middle East's

Top 100 Listed
Companies 2022

71. National Industrialization Co. (Tasnee)

Country: Saudi Arabia

Sector: Industrials

CEO: Mutlaq Al Morished

Market Value: $4 billion

Sales: $979 million

Profits: $548 million

Assets: $6.7 billion

Tasnee is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest industrial companies and one of the world’s largest investors in titanium dioxide. Alwaleed bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding Company owns 6.2%, making it the largest shareholder. Tasnee has 26 affiliates, including Khadamat, Taldeen, and Fahss. In March 2022, Tasnee signed an export credit insurance policy of $133 million with Saudi’s EXIM Bank, contributing to strengthening its presence in the global markets and increasing its market share.