The Middle East's

Top 100 Listed
Companies 2022

29. Petro Rabigh

Country: Saudi Arabia

Sector: Petrochemicals

President and CEO: Othman AL-Ghamdi

Market Value: $6.9 billion

Sales: $12.2 billion

Profits: $543 million

Assets: $19.6 billion

Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Co. (Petro Rabigh) was founded as a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical, in which they both own 75%. In October 2021, SABIC announced that it will begin marketing Aramco’s share of petrochemical products in Petro Rabigh, as the Saudi giant transfers the marketing and sales of a number of its petrochemical products to SABIC. It produces 25 products and operates in 63 countries. In March 2022, Petro Rabigh signed an agreement with Gulf Cryo to capture CO2 emissions from the MEG plant at the Petro Rabigh complex. Othman Al-Ghamdi became president and CEO in 2021, having previously worked at the Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company.