93. Dar Al Arkan

Country: Saudi Arabia
Sector: Real Estate & Construction
Chairman: Yousef Al Shelash
Market Value: $4.6 billion
Sales: $1 billion
Profits: $118 million
Assets: $8.9 billion

Dar Al Arkan operates in Saudi Arabia, with a global presence through its international business arm, Dar Global, which manages a portfolio of at least ten projects across the Middle East and Europe. In February 2023, Dar Global was listed on the London Stock Exchange with a valuation of $600 million. In July 2022, Dar Al Arkan issued a $400 million Sukuk listed on the Euronext Dublin and Nasdaq Dubai. In November 2022, Dar Global signed an agreement with the Trump Organization to develop Trump residential villas, a hotel, and a golf course in a $4 billion AIDA project in Oman.