67. Nakilat

Country: Qatar
Sector: Logistics
CEO: Abdullah Al-Sulaiti
Market Value: $6 billion
Sales: $1.2 billion
Profits: $395 million
Assets: $8.8 billion

Nakilat was established in 2004. It is a shipping and maritime company providing the transportation link in Qatar’s Liquefied Natural Gas supply chain. In March 2023, Nakilat raised its non-Qatari ownership limit to 100%. Qatar Navigation (Milaha) owns 36.25% of Nakilat, while Qatar General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority has a 14.07% stake in the company. The company’s fleet comprises 69 LNG carriers, with a combined carrying capacity of more than nine million cubic meters, constituting about 10% of the global LNG fleet carrying capacity. The company jointly owns 1 FSRU vessel and four very large gas carriers, bringing the overall fleet to 74 vessels.