51. Maroc Telecom

Country: Morocco
Sector: Telecommunications
Chairman of the Managing Board: Abdeslam Ahizoune
Market Value: $8.4 billion
Sales: $3.6 billion
Profits: $609 million
Assets: $6.5 billion

Maroc Telecom is Morocco's primary telecommunications operator. Its customer base was up 2.7% to 77.1 million subscribers in Q1 2024. Established in 1998 after the split of the National Post and Telecommunications Office (ONPT), Maroc Telecom is now present in 11 African countries. Maroc Telecom, listed on the Casablanca and Paris exchanges, is primarily owned by the Société de Participation dans les Télécommunications, which is controlled by e& and holds a 53% stake. The government of Morocco owned a 22% share in the company as of April 2024.