53. PureHealth Holding *

Country: U.A.E.
Sector: Healthcare
Group CEO and Cofounder: Shaista Asif
Market Value: $11.8 billion
Sales: $4.5 billion
Profits: $263 million
Assets: $7.7 billion

PureHealth Holding provides healthcare services through a network of over 100 hospitals, more than 300 clinics, multiple diagnostic centers, health insurance solutions, and pharmacies, among others. In December 2023, PureHealth Holding raised $986 million by offering 10% of its issued share capital on ADX. The IPO was oversubscribed 483 times in the retail tranche and 54 times in the professional subscriber tranche. In January 2024, the company acquired the U.K.’s Circle Health Group for $1.2 billion.