44. Nadia Al Saeed

Company: Bank al Etihad
Title: CEO
Nationality: Jordanian
Sector: Banking and Financial Services

Al Saeed has been the CEO of Bank al Etihad since 2007, where she oversees nearly 1,300 people. The bank had $8.8 billion in total assets as of December 2021, an 18.7% increase compared to 2020. The bank adopted a number of policies in 2021 to support women in alignment with the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles. It partnered with Amam Ventures and Endeavor Jordan, which aims to support enterprises owned or led by women to expand into foreign markets, and it established “MONEYSMART-Wealth Management,” a training program that aims to enable women to take control of their finance and start investing. Al Saeed is the Chairperson of Endeavor Jordan and previously served as Minister of Information and Communications Technology and the Ministry’s Secretary General from 2003-2006.