Top 30 Fintech
Companies 2023

1. Fawry for Banking Technology and Electronic Payments

2. MadfooatCom for ePayments Company

3. Optasia

4. MNT-Halan

5. Tabby

5. PayTabs Group

7. Tamara

8. HyperPay

9. MyFatoorah

10. Rasan Information Technology

11. Eazy Financial Services (EazyPay)

12. AMAN Holding

13. Paymob

14. Iraq Wallet For Payment (ZainCash Iraq)*

15. valU

16. Sarwa

17. HPS*

18. One Global *

19. Hala*

20. Telr

21. Ottu

22. MoneyFellows *

23. Tarabut Gateway

24. Lean Technologies*

25. PaySky*

26. Thndr *

27. UPayments

28. Dinarak *

29. VI Markets *

30. YAP *


We compiled the list by considering companies that are applying technology to financial sectors, including payments, insurance, digital banking, investing and wealth management, saving, and lending and personal financing. We excluded Fintech operations owned by exchange houses, traditional banks, governments, and telecommunication companies.

We gathered data through primary sources, statements, and questionnaires. We took into account:
• The amount of money executed through the digital channels in 2022.
• The number of app downloads and active users.
• The number of countries that the companies operate in.
• Growth over the past year.
• Examples of innovation in digital payments.
• Impact on consumers and businesses.
• Funding from venture capitalists and valuation.

New entries are marked with an asterisk (*).

Disclaimer: All data given was provided by the companies. Forbes Middle East holds no responsibility for any investment decisions.