1. Commercial International Bank (CIB)

Sector: Banking and financial services
CEO and Managing Director: Hussein Abaza
Market Value: $5.2 billion
Sales: $2.1 billion
Profits: $523 million
Assets: $20.6 billion

CIB was established in 1975 as a joint venture between the National Bank of Egypt and the Chase Manhattan Bank. Today, it employs 7,700 people and serves two million customers across 190 branches and 21 units. In January 2023, CIB acquired the remaining 49% stake of Mayfair CIB in Kenya for a total transaction value of $40 million. CIB has several subsidiaries, including CVentures, Damietta Shipping, and Commercial International for Finance. In April 2022, Alpha Oryx Limited—a subsidiary of the U.A.E.’s ADQ— acquired an 18.6% stake in CIB for $987.5 million.