Sector: Banking and financial services
CEO: Mohamed Mahmoud Bedeir
Market Value: $1.3 billion
Sales: $1.6 billion
Profits: $335 million
Assets: $15.6 billion

In 2013, Qatari QNB Group acquired the majority stake in Egypt’s NSGB Bank and changed its name to QNB ALAHLI. Today, it owns a 94.97% stake in QNB ALAHLI. It provides services to 1.4 million customers through a network of 232 branches, 893 ATMs, and 56,000 POS. QNB ALAHLI has four subsidiaries: QNB ALAHLI Leasing, QNB ALAHLI Life Insurance, QNB ALAHLI Factoring and QNB ALAHLI Asset Management Egypt Company. In March 2023, QNB ALAHLI launched its first green retail-financing program in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Union, and the Green Climate Fund.