Top CEOs In The Middle East
Rank: #49

Hussein Abaza

Sector: Banking and Financial Services
Company: Commercial International Bank
Designation: CEO
Nationality: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt

Abaza has been the CEO and a member of the board for CIB since March 2017. CIB—Egypt’s largest private sector listed bank with a market cap of more than $5.7 billion as of 18 February 2021—has reported revenues of $2.2 billion in the first nine months of 2020, with net profit amounting to nearly $470 million and total assets valued at $26.5 billion. CIB acquired 51% of Mayfair Bank in Kenya for $35.3 million in April 2020. CIB has 6,900 employees serving more than 1.4 million customers and 207 branches.