Top CEOs In The Middle East
Rank: #28

John Pagano

Sector: Tourism
Company: The Red Sea Development Company
Designation:  CEO
Nationality: Canadian
Residence: Saudi Arabia

With a 2022 deadline, Pagano is leading the development of Phase One of the Red Sea Project, which will comprise 16 hotels and 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland resorts. The company awarded more than 500 contracts in 2020 worth around $2 billion for the design, build and operation of accommodation and facilities. In January 2021, Pagano was also appointed CEO of AMAALA. Once complete, the Red Sea Project will house 50 hotels and around 1,300 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites. Pagano’s career in the real estate sector spans three decades. He previously spent 23 years with the Canary Wharf Group in London.