Top CEOs In The Middle East
Rank: #89

Nasser Mohammed Al Huqbani

Sector: Healthcare
Company: Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group
Designation:  CEO
Nationality: Saudi
Residence: Saudi Arabia

Al Huqbani has 28 years of experience, serving 20 years in his current position at the Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group. He is responsible for the development and operation of over 22 healthcare digital hospitals and healthcare facilities across the GCC. The group went public in March 2020 after it raised $700 million through the issuance of 52.5 million shares. Last year, it reported $1.5 billion in revenue with growth of more than 16% compared to the previous year. The group operated critical ICU facilities to treat COVID-19 patients and was the first private provider to roll out PCR testing facilities in Saudi Arabia.